Xiaomi Mi 6 Announcement Live Stream

April 19, 2017 Wei 3

Follow the live announcement of Xiaomi Mi 6 here:   Live features Update Xiaomi 6: Chipset: Snapdragon 835 6 GB RAM LPDDR 4x Enhanced blue light filter and low screen brightness 2×2 WIFI Waterproof Surround sound NFC Support (and public

YI M1 Unboxing

YI M1 Mirrorless Camera Unboxing

September 29, 2016 Wei 2

Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera Unboxing The YI (Young Innovators) M1 Mirrorless Camera an affordable semi-professional interchangable lens camera. This camera is made by a software manufacturer as opposed to the traditional hardware experts. This means this camera will receive frequent firmware

MIUI 8 Beta Download Available

June 23, 2016 Wei 0

MIUI 8 beta is finally here! MIUI 8 contains whole new redesigned interface, new camera features, wallpaper carousel, and a new calculator. It is the huge upgrade for MIUI 7 users as it also contains a load of bug fixes

MIUI for LeEco Le 2 may never arrive

June 21, 2016 Wei 1

Users have been wanting to install MIUI for LeEco Le 2 phones ever since the phone’s release a month ago. Le 2 phones such as the X620 or the Le 2 pro have amazing specs at what seems to be

Mi 5 Global released, includes Google Play Store

June 3, 2016 Wei 0

Almost 3 months after the launch of the successful and globally sold-out Xiaomi Mi5, the phone finally gets a version with “Google Play Store” pre-installed. This ROM comes at a much needed time, especially considering users are reporting difficulty installing the

Guide to fix DF-DLA-15 Error (Google Play Store)

June 3, 2016 Wei 5

The “DF-DLA-15” error plagues may android phones with Chinese Roms such as MIUI (Xiaomi Mi5) and FlymeOS (Meizu M3). For Xiaomi Users, this error is more common for users with the China edition of the “Developer ROM”. After doing a few Google

LeEco USB-C CDLA Earbuds Review

May 3, 2016 Wei 0

Intro & Background  This pair of LeEco earbuds support the latest lossless audio technology “CDLA” and plugs directly into the USB-C port to provide the best audio experience. In addition the LeEco Le 2 does NOT have a normal 3.5” headphone

Xiaomi Mi 5 snaps in half by bare hands

May 1, 2016 Wei 1

The Xiaomi Mi 5 might not look like a biscuit, but it sure snaps like one! Youtube user JerryRigEverything did a bend test on the Mi 5 and to his surprise found that the phone snapped in half with his bare

Top Xiaomi Mi 5 Secrets

April 24, 2016 Wei 1

Here is a list of the top Mi 5 secrets – little known features that make a big difference to the overall enjoyment of the phone.  With this list we are hopping to highlight features that you don’t know about or