Impressive Droid provides the latest news, tips and tutorials on Android Devices. More importantly, it highlights the second Android Revolution – a new wave of affordable yet high performance droids.

2016 brought forth a whole new wave Droid phones with impressive hardware specs, stunning designs and a refreshing software experience – all at a rock bottom price.

The 2016 revolution has started with phones such as the “Xiaomi Mi 5” are poses serious competition to the Samsung S7, which offers identical hardware but at a $200 higher price tag (40% more  expensive). LeEco has pumped out the “Le 2“, a deca-core CPU high performance machine for $170 USD; meaning this is a phone that provides close to flagship performance at just half the price. The race to the bottom of pricing is signified by Meizu’s Blue 3, a phone that has an octa-core processor for $90 USD.

Impressive Droid is here to cover all of these updates – and provide a lot of tutorials to maximize the usage of these phones.