The “DF-DLA-15” error plagues may android phones with Chinese Roms such as MIUI (Xiaomi Mi5) and FlymeOS (Meizu M3). For Xiaomi Users, this error is more common for users with the China edition of the “Developer ROM”. After doing a few Google searches, the top solution does not fix this problem at all.

This solution to the DF-DLA-15 problem assumes you are running a custom ROM / installed Google play store manually. 

After installing Google Play Store using the Google Installer, apps installations will fail with the following message “Cannot update app, [DF-DLA-15]”. This bug is particularly bad because the phone will then fail to install the necessary upgrades (Google Play Services) that is required in order for Google Play Store to function.


Guide to fix the DF-DLA-15 error problem:

  • This error occurs due to incompatibilities between Google Play Installer 2.0 and MIUI
  • Uninstall Google Play Services and Google Play store from the Settings menu.
  • Make sure you no longer see your Google account in “Accounts” section of Settings
  • Download the Google_Installer_v1.3 (This is an older version, but works with the phone)
  • Install Google Play Installer 1.3
  • Install Google Play Store
  • google play installer
  • After the installation in complete, you should be prompted to login again (This is important, if you are not prompted to login, you might encounter the DF-DLA-15 error again. If this happens, reboot your phone, and repeat the steps.
  • Google Play store will not run and automatically update
  • Enjoy

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