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Install FlyMe OS on LeEco Le 2 (X620)


The beta for Flyme OS 5.2 has been released by “ycjeson” for the LeEco (LeTV) Le 2. Flyme OS offers a whole different experience for LeEco phones, with new interface designs, menus and functionality (such as one handed mode and redesigned system apps).
Flyme OS (“pronounced fly me“) is designed by Meizu Corporation, a chinese phone manufacturer. FlymeOS is based on Android 5.1 and the OS takes inspiration from Apple’s iOS and MIUI. Flyme is know for its sleek menu’s and and fluid transitions animations. The OS is also very reliable as it has been in development since 2012.

Why Install Flyme OS:

LeEco phones come with the EUI OS by default. However this OS is rather new and might not offer all the functionalities of a more mature OS.

WARNING: Please note that this is a full operating system, and installing this operating system will drastically change how your phone operates and behaves. The installation involves the “Flashing” of a ROM which contains inherent risk and may cause your phone to be unstable. Please proceed at your own risk.

Bugs in this ROM

  • Note the fingerprint sensor and IR blaster component is NOT working on this ROM.
  • Camera: For full functionality, take a selfie with the Camera app and allow all permissions.

Currently this ROM supports LeEco Le 2 X620. Other models are not supported at this moment

Download Flyme OS:

Full credit of this rom goes to user “ycjeson


Installation instructions:

  • Root and Install TWRP on your Le 2 Phone
  • Download the Rom (Flyme OS beta 5.2)
  • Copy the Rom to your phone
  • Reboot the phone into recovery by holding the volume down and power button for 10 sec
  • In TWRP, wipe System and Cache.
  • Flash the Rom you have just downloaded

Did this work for you? Comment below !


  1. I can confirm that its possible to go back to stock rom or other like bb72 14s, I make all wipes on twrp unless the internal memory, and it works, the Flyme is from the rom Meizu Pro 6, and works very bad and the phone gets warm

  2. Does it works all functions like ir remote control, fingerprint scanner/unlock phone?
    What is with battery duration, is it better than miui or emui o.s. ?
    IS it work on leeco le 2 pro also?
    Can you upload a video to see how it works?


  3. Fortunately i have reinstalled the recovery because it was damaged and after this i have returned to the stock rom. In my case this rom doesn’t work. Sorry for my bad english

  4. Will this remove the permanent Chinese apps like the middle live button at the bottom of the screen and improve battery life? I need to know because my sister’s phone seems to consumes its battery faster than my Huawei Honor 5.


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