The Helio X20  processor is a high-end mobile CPU made by the Taiwanese company Mediatek. It is comparable to the top Qualcomm processor “Snapdragon 820”.

This processor is featured in “Fighter” tier phones such as the LeEco Le 2, which tries to dish out amazing performance at a budget price. This article will examine the architecture, performance and design philosophy of this SoC.

MediaTek Helio X20 vs The Competition
SoC MediaTek
Helio X20
Helio X10
Snapdragon 808
Snapdragon 620
CPU 4x Cortex A53 @1.4GHz

4x Cortex A53 @2.0GHz

2x Cortex A72

4x Cortex A53 @2.2GHz

4x Cortex A53 @2.2GHz

4x Cortex A53 @1.44GHz

2x Cortex A57 @1.82GHz

4x Cortex A53 @1.2GHz

4x Cortex A72 @1.8GHz


Antutu 6 Benchmarks

Currently leaked Antutu benchmark of the X20 “91464″, this means it currently sits above the Snapdragon 810 and Exynos 7420, but considerably lower than Snapdragon 820’s “136383″ score.


HelioX20 Architecture

The best way to envision this processor is to consider it a car with 3 gears: High gear (Power Efficient), Medium Gear, and Low gear (Extreme Performance, heavy load). The processor is able to automatically switch between the gears depending on how much processing power is needed (much like automatic cars).


Helio X25
The Helio X25 is a bumped up version of the X20. It has same design philosphy but slightly clocked up. This is usuallly achieved with improved manufacturing quality which allows the CPUs to be clocked up without significant heat gain.




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