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Install Flyme OS on LeTV phones (LeEco 1S)


Install Flyme Os

The default EUI OS that comes with LeTV (LeEco) phones is still at an infancy stage in development  – it has a lot of annoying features such as an overly aggressive update reminder; and a lot of missing features, such has a graphical battery use chart.

The alternative is to install Flyme OS (www.flymeos.com) on LeTV phones, fully converting the phone to a whole new operating system. Flyme OS is designed by Meizu Corporation and takes inspiration from IOS and MIUI. What is different about Flyme is its sleek menu’s and feel.

  • Installing a different OS requires a full wipe of your phone- Please backup all your data
  • All root / OS installs involve a certain degree of risk. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Note the fingerprint sensor is NOT working on this ROM.

Installation procedure:

  1. Obtain Root and TWRP on the LeTV phone (Check out this guide for a full description)
  2. Download the Flyme OS ROM:
    1. https://mega.nz/#!LtcwDY4Z!nJepeE1ZCSPbDTNpS2Kx2ZrIjIurPqhnNesZzUY6fbA
    2. (note: I did not make this rom. I have tested this ROM and confirmed it is working)
  3. Restart phone, Hold the UP button during restart, you will now be greeted with the TWRP welcome screen.  If you want to change your TWRP to english, follow this guide.
  4. In TWRP, Wipe Cache, Data, System and Dalvik Cache.
  5. Transfer the ROM to your phone.
  6. Flash the ROM using from the Install Menu.
  7. Reboot and Enjoy

How do you find the Flyme experience? Did this procedure work for you? Comment below!




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