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Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi5 (MIUI 7.2 and MIUI 8)


The downside to the new Mi5 is that at the current time the only available rom for the phone is China Rom which does not include Google Play or any Google services for that matter. This tutorial will teach you how to install Google play services without Root.

  1. Download the following apks:
  2. Extract the Zip file and copy the APKs onto your phone
  3. Install the Apks on your phone using the File Explorer
  4. Run the GooglePlayInstaller 2.0 and allow all installations.
  5. At this point you will have Google Playstore, but there will be some occasional errors.
  6. Update all your apps via the Google Play Store.
  7. Go to Settings, Installed apps and enable all privileges for Google Play Store and Google Play Services
  8. Run the second apk, GooglePlay installer
  9. Install Google Calendar Sync and Google Contact sync

This was tested to provide a fully working Google Play Store on the MIUI 7.1
MIUI 7.2

If you have any problems with the installation, post below!


    • I actually tried this before writing this article. Clearing cache does not solve the issue for Mi 5 because the google play store is manually installed. The article assumes play store is functional.

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