We have just received the LeEco Le 2 and we are ready to unbox it. This phone has  incredible specs (21 Megapixel camera, Deca-core CPU, 5.5 inch 1080p screen) at a budget price of $170 USD. LeEco (formerly know has LeTV – the Chinese Netflix) has a simple objective, entice users to buy the phone and hope to encourage them to sign up for TV-streaming services.

Le 2 Unboxing Video:

The following video includes the full unboxing of the LeTV Le 2 phone. Find out what is included in the official retail edition of the phone!

We recently ordered the Le 2 base model (32 GB, 1099 RMB version) and had the chance to unbox it.

Le 2 Unboxing: Contents

Le2 Box
Le2 Box (Pen for scale only)

The LeEco Le 2 comes in a square box with a simple LeEco logo on it. A lot of effort has been done to keep the designs on the box minimal, a trend that has been started by Apple.

Full contents of Le 2 Box
Full contents of Le 2 unboxing

Le 2 box contents:

  • Adapter for 3.5 mm Audio (Important!)
  • USB-C cable (Multidirectional on both ends! Yay!)
  • Quick-charge compatible charger (110-240V ~ 50/60Hz)
  • Sim Docket ejector pin
  • LeEco Le 2 phone

LeEco USB-Audio

Whilst most of the box contents are standard, the most important mention is the headphone compatibility situation. The standard box does NOT include a pair of earphones as they are sold separately at $20 USD per pair (more information here). You can still your own standard headphones by connecting to the 3.5 mm audio to USB-C adapter included in the box:


Just remember not to lose the adapter, else you won’t be able to use your headphones!

Dual Sim


LeEco supports dual sim, with up to LTE 4G+ speeds. Both the sims have to be nano-sim sized. Sims are inserted via the docket, which requires a pin to remove.

Design Impressions

Le 2 vs Le 1S Front
Le 2 vs Le 1S Front

Saying the front-face of LeEco Le 2 looks exactly the same as its predecessor, the LeTV 1S is an understatement. There are no visual changes between the phones, they both have a 5.5 inch 1080 p screen with the exact same metal shell.

Black of Le2 and Le 1S
Black of Le2 and Le 1S

On the back the biggest change is the camera placement which has moved to the middle of the phone and a logo change (LeEco replacing LeTV).

The design changes are underwhelming, especial considering this phone is branded as version “Le 2”. The look and feel of Le 2 and Le 1S are exactly the same.

System Performance first impressions

The most interesting aspect of the phone is the performance. Out of the box it performed 52300 on Antutu, which was surprisingly low. However after the latest update to the EUI, the phone gave a much better 92642 score, which is a massive improvement. It is extremely strange how a system update can improve the performance by so much – this might be due to optimizations to the “performance mode” the phone is in whilst the test is taking place.




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