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LeEco Le 2 Announcement and Impressions


LeEco has just announced their latest phone the “Le 2” which features a Deca-core (10 CPU!) phone for less than $170 USD (without contract). The mega powerhouse  CPU is coupled with a state of the art finger print reader, dual sim 4G connectivity and a 16 Megapixel camera.

All this makes you wonder how this is even possible, and also at amazement at how far smartphone technology has progressed since the original single core iPhone.  LeEco’s tagline has always been to manufacture smartphones “at cost” (and hopefully sell you on their video streaming service). This is great for the consumer because we get amazing phones at barebones prices.

That said, this tagline has been used for over a year now and is no longer a “new” thing. Phone prices have dropped considerably over the last year and over manufacturers (Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu) have also dropped prices to match the competition posed by LeEco. We’re here to investigate how the new LeEco phones fare in the competitive 2016 environment.

Processing power:

Deca-core processors are quite a new thing. The Le 2 has the Mediatek Helio X20 processor on board. What we know so far is that the Antutu score is around 83000, a score better than the Snapdragon 810 (Although less than the new Snapdragon 820). This means that this phone will be fast, but not as fast as the chipset found in the latest Xiaomi or Samsung S7 phones.

A counter argument could be made in the sense that Antutu now favors single core performance, so in a multitasking situation, the Helio X20 might actually out perform the quad core Snapdragon 820.


LeEco took a huge leap forward in that they completely abandoned the classic 3.5mm audio socket. Audio comes out directly from the USB type C socket (see the usb type C headphones above).  Whilst this has been rumored to be Apple’s next move with the iPhone 7, LeEco decided to go ahead and build a phone without the 3.5mm audio socket. They are calling this new technology “CDLA – Continual Digital Lossless Audio” with the promise of better sound quality. The downside of this is that all old headphones are now rendered obsolete (unless you use an ugly and easy to lose adapter) – so if you like using a nice Sennheiser or Bose headset, you’re out of luck. The amount of audio improvement is unknown, but lets hope its quite big to justify the inconvenience. Another interesting result of the change is that it is no longer possible to listen to music whilst charging, since the headphones will use the charge port.



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