Check out this Video Guide:

Note: This guide is for those who have completed the Root procedure and have TWRP installed (TWRP by Xiaolu this is installed automatically).  If you not yet rooted, check out this root article.

On your Computer

1. Download the Google services binary and transfer it onto your phone. I am using this one:
On your phone
1. Turn off the phone.
2. Hold the Volume Up button and Power On button at the same time:

3. Release the Power On button after 5 seconds (Phone should be turning on. Keep holding the Volume up button.
4. You will now enter TWRP. Follow the following procedure (Ignore the Chinese, the button order is the same).
TWRP Chinese Install

When selecting the zip, select the google services zip you previously uploaded. Once you flashed you are all done!

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  1. It seems that you have installed original android os. Have you? How ? Would you like to share with us ? I have bought letv 1s , and i don’t like EUI, it’s awful !!!!

  2. I installed this on a rooted LeTV X600 o which I installled the multilanguage AOSP rom. Google play services kept on stopping and now it looks that everything is allright.Ad I can use the play store


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