This is literally the 3rd time this has happened to my phone:

Letv One Broken Screen

The screen on the phone completely smashed. This time I don’t even know why it smashed – I placed it in my bag and when I took it out its broken.

Funnily enough this is the phone I’ve ever had smashed screens on. Every other phone I’ve ever had the glass protectors I place on the phones would break before the phone’s screen. However with this phone, I broke the screen 3 times:

  1. Fell from table height whilst charging (no case, no screen protector)
  2. Fell from table height again (with protective case and glass screen protector)
  3. Broke whilst in backpack (with protective case)


  1. Same happen to me, with case it fall not from a big high and glass is totally smashed, touch and lcd are working but i will havê to buy a full set right? Glass + touch+ lcd right? Thanks

  2. […] with this phone is durability. This suffers from the same fragile screen that was seen in the previous LeTV One X600 designs. There has been numerous complaints about the screen breaking or cracking  on XDA as well as on […]

    • Please let me know the cost to repair screen…..hardly it fell from 2 feet height and glass broken……hell with Le TV phones………

      • Yup these phones break quite easily. I managed to fix it with the official company in China. I’m not sure if its worth fixing this internationally considering the price of the phone.

      • Yes we should jointly raise a complaint on flipkart how can they fool people by selling such low quality phones

  3. Same thing, I am from India, fell from the table height and the screen broken. Given for the replacement about 3 weeks back not yet received the piece.

  4. My Letv had an accident today and the touch screen cracked. The LCD seems OK as the image is the same.
    Do I have to disassemble the whole phone piece by piece or can it be repaired by removing only the cracked touch screen ?

    • I would strongly recommend not to use this piece because of the extensive problems that we all face of screens. Quikr and olx are full of offers on LEtV phones. Also they dont have a full time service centre yet. They asked me Rs. 4800 for full phone replacement. I threatened flipkart with consumer case. Luckily they took the mess back from me.


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