Almost 3 months after the launch of the successful and globally sold-out Xiaomi Mi5, the phone finally gets a version with “Google Play Store” pre-installed. This ROM comes at a much needed time, especially considering users are reporting difficulty installing the Play Store via manual side loading methods (DF-DLA-15 Error).

Global Miui ROM

The new ROM is available directly on the english MIUI website:

And is available in both “stable” and “developer” flavors. Here is a guide to what version you should install:

  • Stable: Unless you are a hacker type, install Stable
  • Developer: The developer version is required in order to root the device or unlock the boot loader.

Remember switching between these two versions requires a full data wipe, meaning you will lose all your apps and data. 

What is your experience with global version of MIUI on Mi5? Comment Below!


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