MIUI 7 Rolling Out

Xiaomi recently released their latest MIUI 7 update global edition (for Xiaomi Note, Mi 4, Mi 3, RedMi 2/ Prime, Redmi 1S 3G, Redmi Note 4G and Mi Pad). Whilst this upgrade contains various fixes, MIUI still has some persistent issues that have not been resolved. Here is a list of the 5 issues with MIUI:

  1. Google Play services has stopped popup” This issue happens once a day with MIUI 7 – It seems that Google doesn’t really play well with Xiaomi.
  2. Random Battery consumption: This issue seems to be quite an issue for all MIUI builds. In fact its so bad that the MIUI forum has special protocols for reporting battery consumption issues. This issue means that there a quite of lot of bugs that leads to MIUI draining battery.
  3. [Depends on Device] Some devices are still stuck with android 4.4 ‘Kitkat’ –  a build of android that is 2 years obsolete. It’s incomprehensible why the latest Xiaomi system would have such different versions of android and why some of them are stuck such an obsolete version.
  4. “Balanced Mode”- The phone actually limits performance by default in order to preserve battery – In fact when the phone constantly alerts users not to put it in performance mode. To make matters worse, MIUI enables performance mode during benchmarks, hence it would get a score that does not reflect real world performance.
  5. MI PC Suite is terrible. The idea behind android is that you can be free of terribly made software suites that do nothing.


  1. ““Google Play services has stopped popup” This issue happens once a day with MIUI 7 ”
    once a day? realy???
    its happens every 10 min (((


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