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MIUI 8 Beta Download Available


MIUI 8 beta is finally here! MIUI 8 contains whole new redesigned interface, new camera features, wallpaper carousel, and a new calculator. It is the huge upgrade for MIUI 7 users as it also contains a load of bug fixes and system optimizations. MIUI 8 is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This release is MIUI 8 China developer edition 6.6.17.

Please note: To officially obtain this rom, you should sign up for the beta on the MIUI forums. We have provided a link to this ROM below. However take note that this is the unofficial unmodified version of the ROM. No official support will be provide, use at your own risk.

Note that this ROM is designated as a “beta” meaning that it may potentially contain bugs and other issues that may cause your system to become unstable.

China editions are more recent and up to date when compared to international releases. However, China editions do not contain Google Play Store (Check this guide on how to install it)

You will need a full system wipe to install this ROM. All you files and user data will be deleted.

MIUI 8 Download

Currently the only available rom is for Xiaomi Mi 5. More ROMs are coming!

MIUI 8 for Xiaomi Mi 5: https://mega.nz/#!P9tWQACR!WIwFY0vDi2HId3EPcjVhmJNU2qIXsteKNbIkD4umltw

Install MIUI 8 instructions (Mi 5)

Note: Installing this beta software may make your phone unstable. Use at your own risk 

  • Connect your phone to your computer
  • Create a folder called ‘downloaded_rom’ in your root directory
  • Place the .zip file in the ‘downloaded_rom’ folder
  • On your phone, load the ‘updater’ app
  • Click to top right hand corner and ‘choose update package’
  • miui updater
  • choose the zip file you have downloaded
  • enjoy

Comment below if this worked for you and tells us your experiences!




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