Users have been wanting to install MIUI for LeEco Le 2 phones ever since the phone’s release a month ago. Le 2 phones such as the X620 or the Le 2 pro have amazing specs at what seems to be an unbeatable price. The only problem is their default system, the EUI system is extremely hard to use. EUI is still at an infancy stage, with a lot of annoyances such as incomprehensible menus. These annoyances have prompted many users to search for an operating system to replace EUI, and many think MIUI is the solution.

MIUI is a mature operating system based on Android 6.0 and offers a well crafted experience. It offers a beautiful user interface and fixes a lot of the problems Le 2 phones have. For there to be a MIUI ROM for Le 2, the community developers must work and test a “port” specifically for Le 2. ¬†For the previous generation LeEco Phones, a custom MIUI port was almost immediately available. This rom was made by the Chinese android community at YDSS.¬†Unfortunately for the newest LeEco Le 2 this is not the case. This article will look at the reasons why.

Why MIUI for Le 2 may not be possible

The wait for MIUI has been longer than 1 month, and by normal logic the latest ROM should be out by now. Here out some reasons as to why it is not ready:

  • Le 2 uses a new CPU, the Helios X20 which is currently available on Xiaomi phones. This means there are extra compatibility considerations that must be made when converting MIUI roms over to the Le 2. It very well may be possible that porting over a ROM is not possible.
  • Locked bootloader: After LeEco started looking the bootloader on Le2, installing custom ROMs is a nightmare. This might have decreased the community’s interest in creating / porting roms.
  • The community may be focused on other systems, such as FlyMe OS which has already been ported to Le 2.¬†

Whatever the case, the largest LeEco community at YDSS still have not found a solution. Frustrated at the wait for MIUI, post you request below!



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