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Install MIUI on LeTV phones


Video installation guide:

MIUI, the Xiaomi designed operating system can be installed on LeTV phones. The reason for doing this is the solve the main issue of LeTV phones – the lack of maturity of the operating system : EUI. This is unsurprising due to the fact that LeTV only started manufacturing mobile phones this year with no prior experience.

Issues in with the LeTV OS “EUI” includes:

  • poor english translation (some menus are nearly illegible and hard to guess what mean)
  • occasional inability to download apps on mobile networks (due to the downloaded limiting downloads to 20 mb with no bypass feature).
  • Some apps fail to launch or crash on the system.

One possible solution is to install Xiaomi’s OS, MIUI on the machine. Currently this is only possible to install on (rooted) phones with TWRP custom recovery installed. TWRP is automatically installed during the root process.

Once TWRP is installed, you are free to flash the MIUI rom onto the phone.

MIUI Downloads:

NOTE: MIUI is currently NOT available for the LeEco Le 2 / Pro / Max (As of June 2016). It only available for the previous generations of LeTV 1S and 1. 

MIUI 7 6.4.22 for X500:

More ROMs:
Currently the best place to get ROMs is over at XDA (Currently the best and most trusted English speaking developer community):

Le1S Rom Forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/leeco-le-1s/development

A (better) list of roms are found on Chinese forums (Mostly because the development community is larger there as the phone is native to the Chinese market):

Currently I am trying the MIUI 7 rom on me LeTV 1 X600 by ludashi (http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-605689-1-1.html) and its running very smoothly.

As of now there are no know bugs or issues with the MIUI rom.

I’ll post up a review and video of the installation process soon.


  1. Hello , sorry if i disrupt you from anything. Can you please help me and link me to a miui 7 for letv x800? I dont know english at all , but i find your blog very helpfull. I would really like to try a good custom Rom like cyanogenmod on my letv x800 , but if u can provide me with a link to miui 7 i would be greatfull.

    Thanks , looking forward for your answer.

  2. hello,can anyone give me any link of how to root x600 using twrp. and any download link of miui rom with the proper guideline. thanks…

  3. I’m not able to download Roms from baidu …because it is asking me to login and to do so I tried to register myself over there but eventually it is asking me for chines “mobile no”, For verification purpose.
    how can I do so …is there any alternate methods to register or verify other mobile nos

    • Me too! I will soon have the Le Max Pro x910. Mapping out unlock root and custom rom s so I can pump this beast out! What’s a source or list of rom s for Max Pro? XDA my go to guys don’t seem to have anything for Max Pro right now. Hopefully they’ll pick up on developing for this Ro-beast!

  4. Why do most post on LE TV. Phones exclude the Max Pro? They usually cover the whole line except the Pro! Why is that? It seems a lot of different people do that. The max pro with the 820 is the one people want. But they continue to focus most of the attention on the Max with the 810 chip. Whaddup wit dat?

  5. hello …miu multilang for link you give letv X900 max

    I do not know Chinese and google does not translate

    please link sir thank you


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