The newest root for LeEco 1S (aka LeTV) available does not require the use of a computer and can be completed in less than a minute. Here is a video tutorial of the Root Procedure:

  1. On you phone, go to your browser and access
  2. Download and install kingroot
  3. Load Kingroot, Click root.
  4. The root process will take around 3 minutes.

And now you’re done!

*Note: the root procedure may not work the first time. This is completely normal. Simply click the retry button and it will (eventually) succeed – check out the video for more details.

Did the process work for you? Comment below. If it didn’t work, tell me which version of the OS you are using and I’ll try to help you fix it!


  1. Can you tell me King root will work on my lemax or not or I will get any problem while doing with kingroot please tell me

  2. this methode didint work, even i use to letv x 600, and i was upgrading it ( letv x600) to new version (5.8)(marsmallow) please help to root it..thanks before


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