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How to Root Mi 5 Xiaomi (Only Working Method)


This is the only guide that can root mi 5 phone at the moment. I’m making this post because a lot of Root methods for the Mi5 don’t work. In fact Google’s top recommends: Kingo Root, King Root and iRoot, fails to obtain root.

Traditional root methods are not available because of added security features (locked bootloader) on the new Xiaomi Mi5 which prevents hacking and modifying the phone. In addition, the new snapdragon 820 has fixed security problems and cannot be hacked at this current time.

As a result, all one – click root methods for the Mi5 will fail.  (Don’t waste hours trying like I did)

Official root for the Mi5 Does exist. This will be a two part guide, the first part is will guide you on getting root via the Xiaomi Developer Rom. The second part will guide on you getting the more popular SuperSU root.  You must do these two parts in order.

Note: Rooting or any modifications involves risk to your data / stability of you system. This guide is not liable for any damage caused.

Part 1: Official Root mi 5 Guide:

Xiaomi Offers official Root via the Security Center in the Developer Rom. You must flash the developer rom in order to obtain root. Warning: If you flash the developer rom, all your data will be erased.

  1. Download the pre-rooted Developer Rom from the MIUI website: http://en.miui.com/download.html
  2. Backup your Data via the Xiaomi Suite
  3. Flash the Developer Rom
  4. Go into the Security center – Permissions – Enable Root

Now you are done! Everytime you need root permissions you have to go to that page and enable root for the appropriate app.

Part 2: 

This part requires you to have installed the developer rom from part 1.

Unlock Mi 5 Bootloader

  1. Go to http://en.miui.com/unlock/ and log into your Mi account (same one for your phone)
  2. Select your phone and click the unlock button.






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