Xiaomi Mi 5

Here is a list of the top Mi 5 secrets – little known features that make a big difference to the overall enjoyment of the phone.  With this list we are hopping to highlight features that you don’t know about or have not been seen elsewhere.

Top 5 Mi 5 Secrets

No.5: Faster Dual Sim internet switching
The older Mi Note supports dual sim, however switching the default internet SIM card took up to 60 sec to find the new network. On the Mi 5 switching the between the 4G sims is much faster (5-10 sec) and much more reliable!

No.4: Stabilized Video Recording
Youtubers rejoice! Video recording is also stabilized by the 4-axis stabilization,  making the recorded 4K videos feel similar to Sony’s Steadycam. The video quality is simply amazing for such a mobile device.

No.3: Virtual Sim
Every traveled to a new country and have to scramble to buy a new SIM card? Mi 5 Virtual SIM feature allows you to buy a “SIM” card before travelling (around $2 USD per day for a data sim) and virtually load the card once you get to your destination. This means you can immediately go online with a cheap internet service instead of paying for roaming!

No. 2: Fast charging Battery
The Mi 5 can charge 80% battery in just 30 min. Nothing more needs to be said about this other than its simply amazing.

No.1: Better CPU scaling performance
Xiaomi used to cheat in Benchmark tests by juicing up the CPU with a “Performance” mode that turns on automatically. This means Xiaomi phones did amazing on paper but in actual use, the “balanced / Power saving mode” severely reduced performance. The CPU scaling has been re-tuned and “Performance Mode” is no longer an option as the phone is on a permanent high performance mode.

Video: Top 5 Xiaomi Mi 5 Secrets:



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