We built a list of the top 5 reasons to buy the LeEco Le 2 phone. This phone has been released with a plethora of upgrades and cutting edge technologies – so exactly which upgrade is worth your time and money. We spent some time to go through all the main features of the phone and made a list of the top 5 features:

*Note the LeEco Le 2 is also know has LeTv Le 2 Pro, Le 2 Max. 

Top 5 Reasons to buy LeEco Le 2:

5. Good quality camera – The Le 2 has a 16 megapixel front facing camera. This is huge for mid-range phones as they are usually know for cameras with poor quality cameras, especially low light performance. This 16 Mega Pixel camera brings a much needed quality upgrade.

4. Faster charging – Getting 50% charge in 15 min is a must have for a phone these days. This allows us to get out of those sticky situations where we run out of batteries mid day – in these cases plugging in the Le 2 will get us enough charge in 10 min.

3. Faster fingerprint reader – When we unlock the phone via fingerprint, we expect a fast response, and this phone provides exactly that. Using a new sonic finger print reader, finger print readers are 80% faster.

2. Improved battery life – The CPU of this phone has amazing power saving features thanks to the Helio X20 – it can drop to more power efficient quad core clusters when CPU usage is low. This helps the CPU use minimal battery power during situations such is browsing the internet and helps keep CPU temperature low.

  1. Top tier performance – With a new high performance clusters and a new GPU, the Le 2 is a performance leader. The Antutu scores are in the 92000 region, a region usually reserved for top tier phones. This phone can breeze through the latest 3D games and demanding apps.



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